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A new angle

For photography

CAA Approved

Our new Drone captures Ultra HD images

Drones create a whole new dimension to photography & Video.

As an example when marketing a property, it can be significantly enhanced by the use of drone pictures,

which are much better quality and bang up to date giving a perfect and unique view for the buyer.

Likewise when we deploy our drone at a wedding we can ensure every guest is included in an image,

something which can't be guarenteed in a conventional image.

We're sure you can think of uses for our drone too.

Just give us a call or email and we'll be happy to help.


Real Estate Photography

The way people view property has never been so competitive.

A few low quality shots are no longer good enough.

People want as much information as possible before even committing to a viewing. We offer both professional photos with our full frame camera along with our drone which is a revolutionary way of viewing property. That could give you the edge over your competitors.


The old adage "you get what you pay for" is true in most walks of life. That applies to property photography. We offer all types of photography from our drone, video tours and with professional equipment which cost £000s. Not only that but you have our experience behind the lens which helps portray your property in the best light possible.

An aerial photograph of a property will greatly increase its saleability. Not only does the image give a better idea of the size of the property but it also shows the extent of the gardens and land and it can better describe the setting of the elements for sale.

Whether you're an Estate Agent, Private seller or even a home owner wanting a photo of your property,

contact us for a tailored quote.

Awaken Images drone estate agent
Awaken Images drone estate agent
Drone new build property Pakenham

We are BNUC-S qualified and we're a CAA certified company

We can fly up to 400ft & have public liability insurance.


Prior to and upon arriving at location we will complete a

comprehensive risk assessment to ensure the safety of the flight, observers and the general public. 


In the UK, there are several types of airspace in which you cannot fly a drone, and these are known as “no fly zones”.

By default drone operations in these zones are prohibited however providing prior notice is given we are usually able to obtain permission.

Low down drone shot suffolk
Suffolk Golf course drone
Thetford drone property
Drone wedding heart
Wedding venue
Drone stock image
lagos drone
drone at sunset
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