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Content Creation - Now Available!

Updated: Mar 13

As photographers we have always strived to provide everything "photography" for weddings. It's why we offer photography, videography and photo booths. Imagery will always be at the heart of our business.

In 2023 we have worked with Content Creators and will always happily work with other professionals, but we feel Content Creation is something we can now offer as part of our service.

As part of the last few weddings of 2023 we have had our own Content Creator working alongside us and this is a service we will offering in 2024.

What is a Content Creator?

At all weddings we see so many people with their smart phones BUT as a bride and groom it would be "bad form" for you to be taking you own photos and selfies! So our content creator will be your smart phone bestie.

Filling in the gap of having moments of your day for you to share while you wait for your official photos!

Tell your friends to put their phones down and enjoy the day.

Our CC will capture all you're behind the scenes moments with a mixture of photos and videos.

This is all pure raw footage just like your friends would capture, available within 24 hours via WeTransfer. You can do what you like with this footage. Post to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok etc...

More info can be found on the Content Creation tab of our website

If you like the idea of a CC or would like to discuss any aspect of your day please get in touch.

Matt and John

T: 07751 604315

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