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Hi, We're Matt & Cath.

Welcome to our store!

Any purchase helps us with our quest to make travel videos. If you've found us through social media we massively appreciate you taking time to watch our videos and support us!

A quick about us!

Cath and I met online, me from the UK and her in the Philippines. So we have literally had to cross oceans to be with each other. Being in a long distance relationship and then dealing with visas so we can be together has been a massive headache!

But we are now married! And on our journey to explore the world and create videos and content on the way.

I've been lucky in the sense I have all the equipment and experience from my photography company Awaken Images, but that has always been about capturing peoples weddings. I now have Catherine to share my life with and we want to share our experience with others!


Our Shop

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